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Fireplace Repair Experts Help You Complete Your Fireplace Checklist

As the leaves drop and winter weather approaches, your home maintenance checklist should include a thorough examination of your fireplace. You may use it over the holidays or as chilly nights set in, and it’s important to make sure it’s safe to do so. Check all of these items and keep your family safe this winter.

Check the Chimney

From inside the home, open the flue and shine a flashlight up into your chimney. Check for any obstructions such as bird’s nests as well as a buildup of creosote, which looks like soot. From the outside, look at your chimney to make sure it isn’t cracked, crumbling or leaning.


Check Now if You Need Fireplace Repair Service in Time for Winter

Most homeowners rarely give a second thought to the condition of their fireplace provided it appears to be in proper working order. They believe that, as long as the interior components appear to function well and look good, they may continue to use it as needed.

From time to time, you may look up at the chimney from the exterior of the property, but these times may be few and far between. Fireplace damage can result in home fires and many other issues, so it is important to pay attention to your fireplace and to determine if you need professional fireplace repair services.

Chimney Sweep Services – Necessary Fireplace & Overall Home Safety

Fireplaces add more than just warmth to a room, they provide a peaceful, rustic environment for you to enjoy life’s pleasures. A fireplace can be a delightful way to bring family together. Many new homes have pre-fabricated chimneys. These require different types of maintenance or repair. The metal cap covering the chimney prevents rain and animals from getting into your home. Keeping it in tip top shape will prevent water from leaking into your home.

Old Fireplaces

If you have a fireplace but haven’t used it in a while, an experienced chimney sweep in Folsom from trusted companies like Chim Chimney can check it very quickly. A clogged chimney can lead to dirt and soot on you and your furniture — as well create a fire hazard.

Gas Fireplace Repair and Inspection Services: Never Do Without It

A technician must inspect your fireplace every year because maintenance prevents potential problems down the road.


Fireplaces that rely on gas generate a lot of debris after the ceramic materials deteriorate. Over time, the microscopic particles will clog the vents. Thick layers of soot must be removed immediately because the debris can cause serious venting problems while the unit is in use. Beside dirt, depending on the type of fireplace, an accumulation twigs and leaves can affect ventilation too. If your home needs improved air flow, a certified technician must remove all debris from the fireplace and chimney.

Three Signs a Fireplace Repair or Replacement May Be Needed

Crumbling Mortar or deteriorating joints. Mortar holds the masonry of your fireplace together. Once you start to see the structure crumble, or the brick pieces no longer hold as firmly as they should, you’re looking at a problem that could degenerate into something worse. Have a chimney inspector check it out at once. Any deteriorating joints need to be replaced promptly as they could lead to the unexpected collapse of the chimney.

It would be prudent to schedule a regular gas fireplace service offered by chimney inspection and cleaning companies in Folsom, CA, like Chim Chimney. Don’t wait to take action at the first signs of a malfunction or potential breakdown.

The Most Comprehensive Gas Fireplace Service Package in Roseville, CA

Although they do not necessarily require extensive cleaning like a wood-burning fireplace, they still need some special servicing periodically; and considering that the winter temperatures of Roseville, CA are just a couple of months away, now may be a great time to tune up the fireplace in your home. Thorough servicing is necessary keep the fireplace, ignition system, and other components functioning optimally.

Professional servicing companies in Roseville, like Chim Chimney provide peace of mind to their customers by providing a very comprehensive gas fireplace service package, guaranteed to keep your fireplace operational in the best conditions possible. Some items in their package include, but not limited to:

Seek Help from Fireplace Repair Experts when You Hear Strange Sounds

Gas fireplaces are great choices for homeowners seeking the aesthetic beauty of a wood fireplace without worrying about the hassles of maintaining one. With gas fireplaces looking and operating very much like a traditional wooden fireplaces, it’s only natural to hear subtle sounds every now and then, as these are parts of how they work to provide warmth to your living room.