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Fireplace Repair Experts Help You Complete Your Fireplace Checklist

As the leaves drop and winter weather approaches, your home maintenance checklist should include a thorough examination of your fireplace. You may use it over the holidays or as chilly nights set in, and it’s important to make sure it’s safe to do so. Check all of these items and keep your family safe this winter.

Check the Chimney

From inside the home, open the flue and shine a flashlight up into your chimney. Check for any obstructions such as bird’s nests as well as a buildup of creosote, which looks like soot. From the outside, look at your chimney to make sure it isn’t cracked, crumbling or leaning.


Seek Help from Fireplace Repair Experts when You Hear Strange Sounds

Gas fireplaces are great choices for homeowners seeking the aesthetic beauty of a wood fireplace without worrying about the hassles of maintaining one. With gas fireplaces looking and operating very much like a traditional wooden fireplaces, it’s only natural to hear subtle sounds every now and then, as these are parts of how they work to provide warmth to your living room.