Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe with Regular Chimney Cleaning

By engaging the services of a chimney sweep, Roseville residents can get far greater functionality and enjoyment from their fireplaces. With cold weather season upon us, now is the time we start to use our fireplaces regularly. Unfortunately, if a build-up of chemicals and debris are allowed to develop, a chimney can be far more hazardous than most people realize. Following are several ways that routine cleaning by a company such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. can help keep your home and your family safe from a number of preventable issues.

Prevent The Accumulation of Flammable Creosote

Your chimney serves the essential function of carrying smoke out and away from the home’s interior. As wood burns in your fireplace, a number of chemical changes occur. The residues of these changes are left on the inside of your chimney flue where they will continue to collect until a proper chimney cleaning is performed.


Three Signs a Fireplace Repair or Replacement May Be Needed

Crumbling Mortar or deteriorating joints. Mortar holds the masonry of your fireplace together. Once you start to see the structure crumble, or the brick pieces no longer hold as firmly as they should, you’re looking at a problem that could degenerate into something worse. Have a chimney inspector check it out at once. Any deteriorating joints need to be replaced promptly as they could lead to the unexpected collapse of the chimney.

It would be prudent to schedule a regular gas fireplace service offered by chimney inspection and cleaning companies in Folsom, CA, like Chim Chimney. Don’t wait to take action at the first signs of a malfunction or potential breakdown.

The Most Comprehensive Gas Fireplace Service Package in Roseville, CA

Although they do not necessarily require extensive cleaning like a wood-burning fireplace, they still need some special servicing periodically; and considering that the winter temperatures of Roseville, CA are just a couple of months away, now may be a great time to tune up the fireplace in your home. Thorough servicing is necessary keep the fireplace, ignition system, and other components functioning optimally.

Professional servicing companies in Roseville, like Chim Chimney provide peace of mind to their customers by providing a very comprehensive gas fireplace service package, guaranteed to keep your fireplace operational in the best conditions possible. Some items in their package include, but not limited to:

Chimney Sweep (Cleaning) in Folsom: Benefits of a Wood-Burning Fireplace Insert

Professional cleaning and inspection should also be done at least once a year, or as often as you see a buildup of creosote, a combustible wood by-product, and soot reaching more than 1/8 inch inside the chimney. If you have a wood burning insert installed, it can be hard to remove the appliance to check for buildup so it’s safer and easier to just make an appointment for an annual cleaning and inspection.

In case you also need chimney repair in your home, be certain to choose a long-time fireplace contractor, like Chim Chimney, which has experienced Fireplace Service Technicians who can resolve your fireplace cleaning and maintenance needs.

Here Are Signs That Indicate When a Chimney Sweep (Cleaning) or Repair Is Overdue

A fireplace has long served two main purposes in a home — to keep the family warm through the coldest nights and to serve as a focal point for family gatherings, as well. A fireplace can become a fire hazard when its chimney is neglected and left unkempt.

The National Fire Protection Association reported that the leading cause of house fires involves heating equipment, such as fireplaces, wood stoves, and chimneys. Of the fires that originate from chimneys and fireplaces, most cases are the result of built-up debris that never got cleaned up by basic chimney maintenance or professional chimney sweep service companies such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc.

Seek Help from Fireplace Repair Experts when You Hear Strange Sounds

Gas fireplaces are great choices for homeowners seeking the aesthetic beauty of a wood fireplace without worrying about the hassles of maintaining one. With gas fireplaces looking and operating very much like a traditional wooden fireplaces, it’s only natural to hear subtle sounds every now and then, as these are parts of how they work to provide warmth to your living room.

A Skilled Chimney Sweep Ensures Your Fireplace and Chimney Work Well

Chimney sweeping in the summer may sound odd but for Folsom, CA homeowners it’s probably the best time because your fireplace is not in use

Calling in an experienced chimney sweep company like Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. to both clean and inspect your chimney can go a lot towards ensuring the safety of your home. There are a lot of problems that can pop up with your chimney like blockages, creosote build-up, smoke leaks, and more. Regular cleaning and inspections ensure that these difficulties don’t develop or are detected early.