Drought Conditions Highlight the Role of Routine Fireplace Repair

The increased risk of fire due to drought conditions in California locales such as Folsom has brought attention to the importance of fireplace maintenance. Although the yearly inspection of fireplaces is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, it is common for this important practice to be overlooked. Professionals such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. who perform fireplace repair in Folsom, CA and other cities continue to remind homeowners of the need to have fireplaces routinely checked for damage.

Standard Chimneys

The inspection of standard chimneys reduces the chance of fire in the home and protects the surrounding environment from danger as well. Without a proper inspection, it is often not possible to see potential hazards in the chimney. For example, cracks and missing mortar can be undetectable from the outside, and only thorough inspections of the chimney interior would reveal these issues.


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