Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe with Regular Chimney Cleaning

By engaging the services of a chimney sweep, Roseville residents can get far greater functionality and enjoyment from their fireplaces. With cold weather season upon us, now is the time we start to use our fireplaces regularly. Unfortunately, if a build-up of chemicals and debris are allowed to develop, a chimney can be far more hazardous than most people realize. Following are several ways that routine cleaning by a company such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. can help keep your home and your family safe from a number of preventable issues.

Prevent The Accumulation of Flammable Creosote

Your chimney serves the essential function of carrying smoke out and away from the home’s interior. As wood burns in your fireplace, a number of chemical changes occur. The residues of these changes are left on the inside of your chimney flue where they will continue to collect until a proper chimney cleaning is performed.


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