Drought Conditions Highlight the Role of Routine Fireplace Repair

The increased risk of fire due to drought conditions in California locales such as Folsom has brought attention to the importance of fireplace maintenance. Although the yearly inspection of fireplaces is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, it is common for this important practice to be overlooked. Professionals such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. who perform fireplace repair in Folsom, CA and other cities continue to remind homeowners of the need to have fireplaces routinely checked for damage.

Standard Chimneys

The inspection of standard chimneys reduces the chance of fire in the home and protects the surrounding environment from danger as well. Without a proper inspection, it is often not possible to see potential hazards in the chimney. For example, cracks and missing mortar can be undetectable from the outside, and only thorough inspections of the chimney interior would reveal these issues.


Gas Fireplace Repair and Inspection Services: Never Do Without It

A technician must inspect your fireplace every year because maintenance prevents potential problems down the road.


Fireplaces that rely on gas generate a lot of debris after the ceramic materials deteriorate. Over time, the microscopic particles will clog the vents. Thick layers of soot must be removed immediately because the debris can cause serious venting problems while the unit is in use. Beside dirt, depending on the type of fireplace, an accumulation twigs and leaves can affect ventilation too. If your home needs improved air flow, a certified technician must remove all debris from the fireplace and chimney.

Chimney Safety Guide: The Importance of a Chimney Sweep Done Regularly

According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America, a chimney should be cleaned whenever soot covers surfaces inside the flue system. Because the process of inspecting a chimney requires specific skills and expertise, a certified chimney sweep company such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. is recommended for all maintenance and cleaning tasks.

Cleaning Guidelines

When a glaze is noticeable in the flue, the surfaces must be cleaned immediately. Glazing is dangerous because it is highly combustible. If a lot of creosote and soot build up around the glaze, a fire may start in the chimney.

Keep Your Home and Your Family Safe with Regular Chimney Cleaning

By engaging the services of a chimney sweep, Roseville residents can get far greater functionality and enjoyment from their fireplaces. With cold weather season upon us, now is the time we start to use our fireplaces regularly. Unfortunately, if a build-up of chemicals and debris are allowed to develop, a chimney can be far more hazardous than most people realize. Following are several ways that routine cleaning by a company such as Chim Chimney: Professional Fireplace Services, Inc. can help keep your home and your family safe from a number of preventable issues.

Prevent The Accumulation of Flammable Creosote

Your chimney serves the essential function of carrying smoke out and away from the home’s interior. As wood burns in your fireplace, a number of chemical changes occur. The residues of these changes are left on the inside of your chimney flue where they will continue to collect until a proper chimney cleaning is performed.